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1. Implementation Lab Automation 

Transforming a 'manual' workflow to a 'automation framework' is een true challenge with a significant impact;  a well prepared study is the best guarantuee to succeed in this.

VGTconsulting assists you here with defining a design specification, a feasibility study, technical tender specifications and risk assessments. 


2. Implementing new technology

Bringing new technology into an existing market is a specific challenge.  Defining market segments, looking out for potential prospects and new customers is where we can help you. 

we are actually working together with these companies;

  Laser Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS) &  Laser Ablation (LA)

Applied Spectra Inc, Fremont, CA - USA    see further on

  High Precision Mass Spectrometers   

NU Instruments,  Wrexham, UK    see further on  

   Industrial microwave technology - MEAM

MEAM bvba   Herk-de-Stad.     see further on 


3. Market survey for analytical and scientific equipment

Generating reports and studies about opportunities into the EU-market  



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