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VGTconsulting     Lab Technology Advisors      


A 21st century laboratory has to be innovative, efficient and profitable, all at the same time. We are fully aware of all the challenges you are facing.                          

As your real partner, our mission is to reduce this pressure by helping you to select the best possible solution, and to secure your innovation strategy on the same time. 


What can we do for you ?

Support & advice for selection/evaluation of scientific equipment  

Implementing analytical methods & validation procedures 

Expertise in spectroscopy

Advice for new sample preparation methods or lab automation projects                           

Our specialists attend several conferences and based on this expertise and networking, we can help you and we will assist you to select the best possible solution, relevant your lab-activity.


How precisely ?

Proposing feasibility studies and market–surveys 

Bench-marking and evaluation procedures,  

Composing a detailed technical tender specification,  

Organizing a dedicated training program for your staff... 


For SME-companies in Flanders, an extra support on top....

VGTconsulting is been recognized as an expert-provider in Flanders by 'kmo-portefeuille' for the fields of expertise in  'general advice' , 'advice international business' and 'strategic advice'.

Based on this, it is possible to get refunding by 40% of our consulting-jobs for you.

more info on http://www.kmo-portefeuille.be


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